Friday, December 21, 2012


   Let's talk about obsessions. As I mentioned yesterday C-man is autistic. It is common for him to have obsessions. They can last for a day, a week, a month, or years. It's never the same kind of thing either. When he was 3 he was obsessed with the Family Feud. He could tell you every single time it came on, what channel it came on at what time, who every host was. Then it shifted to Thomas the train when he was about 4. Every time we went out he had to get the newest Thomas movie, train, book, whatever. From about 5-7 it was pens. Kid had about a thousand pens, all kinds. That was an easy one to deal with, pens are cheap. He was thrilled with a one dollar pack of pens every time he went out. Heck, that was HOW we got him to leave the house, by promising pens! In the middle of the pen obsession was the wiggles. That was an odd one cause he was too old for the wiggles by this point. He even wanted us all to be the wiggles for Halloween. That was fun (not really ;))
      In recent years it has been the computer, he has meltdowns when he can't use it. He likes to use it every chance he gets. Most of the time he isn't doing anything on there except for changing the backgrounds and downloading new browsers, I think we've had 8 at one time. Then came organizing, that turned into more of an OCD thing rather than an obsession. In the last week or two it has become diary of a wimpy kid. He has all the books, he's read them all. And re-read a few. He has the first 3 movies, he watches one every single night.
This is his desk area in our back room. 

My point, if I actually made one. Is that obsessions can be easy to deal with, but they can also he hard. I vote for hard. When you can't help satisfy the need for something its difficult on everyone. So, we just suck it up and try to move on to the next thing to shift his mind onto something new! Bet you never knew obsessions were that serious. They can be, and now you know! :)

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