Saturday, June 28, 2014

Angel Kincaid Photography...?

I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. Hate getting my own picture taken, but put me behind the camera and I'm a happy girl. There is something about getting that perfect shot that gives me such a rush. Sometimes I don't see it until hours later when I am reviewing my pics. Sometimes I just know as I'm clicking the button that picture is gonna be pure magic. This one I didn't see until hours later, after all my kids were in bed and I was editing all the photos I had taken that day. 

When I saw it, I gasped. I was thrilled with how it turned out. I actually did zero editing to this one. 

Others that I take, I just know. I know as I am watching the moment unfold in front of me that I have to capture it. Like this one. You don't have to be a professional photographer to capture the intense love my husband has for our kids. It's just there all the time. But I saw this moment and had to get it, and its still one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. It has an instagram filter on it. 

My husband bought me a DSLR camera for mothers day this year. Pretty much my dream camera, and the gift to end all gifts. I have started to take more pictures and fallen in love all over again with the whole process. I have taken pictures of dance recitals, families, scenery shots, everything I can just to get a grasp of how every aspect of my camera works. I would LOVE if this could turn into a career for me some day. I can't imagine anything more amazing than doing something you LOVE and actually getting paid to do it. 

So to get the ball rolling I started a facebook page to share some of my pictures. I have been shooting some pictures for events and other things just to get some experience. I have some more shoots set up for the coming weeks. I can only hope people love my work as much as I do and actually wanna have me take photos for them some day!

I'm gonna leave you with this one last picture. My absolute favorite one I've ever taken. I did no editing to it because everything was just perfect about it (in my eyes anyway ;))

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Everyone loves a clingy baby!

     Potato is a few months shy of turning 2. He has become unbelievably clingy lately. Thanks to all of C-man's many therapy appts, I have to leave him and crazypants with a sitter at least once a week. Most of the time when I go to leave he grabs my hand and I end up having to pry his fingers open, then I run out the door. Then I hear him crying all the way outside  That's probably totally normal, I'm only gone for 2-3 hours tops. He's super excited to see me when I get back. Great, Fine, Good, ya know?
   Problem is, he's like this at home too! He wants to be attached to me all day long. Every time I try to get something done I feel his tiny hand slip into mine and he holds on for dear life. Which would be totally sweet, if I didn't have stuff to do! I have 2 other children besides you small child! Summer is coming and you are no longer gonna have mommy all to yourself all day!
    I've tried many different things to break him of this and no go. He still just wants to sit next to me and hold my hand all day. Again, almost 2, is it just a phase? God I hope! Or is there something else I can try...Any suggestions?


Good thing he's so cute...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


                 Yesterday, I witnessed one of the most amazing things I have ever seen....

I had taken C to his group therapy. The doctor was running a little bit behind so we were left in the waiting room for a little bit. All of the kids in the group were roaming around the room doing different things. A group of around 7, 9&10 year old kids with Autism, it was pretty loud in there. C hates loud noises and crowds so he was a little uncomfortable, trying his best to make small talk with me so no one else tried to talk to him.

Then it happened...I saw a boy across the room notice C. He got right up and made a beeline for him. I held my breath waiting for the awkward moment that was about to happen. He said Hi...C said Hi, and looked up at him, giving him direct eye contact (something that is very difficult for C, and pretty much all kids with autism)...and the boy gave C direct eye contact right back. They continued to lock eyes and proceed to have an actual real conversation for a full 3 min.

That is not the first time C has interacted with another kid like him I'm sure. But, it was the first time I had seen it happen....and it was pretty much one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Autism Acceptance Month!

I wrote a blog post last year during April, you can read it here:

  Autism hasn't been all unicorns and rainbows for us this year. Kinda took an ugly turn. To be honest I was expecting it to. They say..(who knows who "they" are)...that autism can hit sort of a peak for boys when they get close to puberty. While I never in a million years would wanna admit that my first baby is close to puberty its a fact. He did turn 10 this year. It got a little more aggressive and difficult. Thats probably normal. But I never expected some of this stuff from my sweet boy. We added a couple more therapists to the lineup, switched up some medications and it seems like we are in a semi-good place these days. (KNOCK ON WOOD)

This past year I've really learned a lot about autism, and how I need to lean on people when I need them. It takes a village people say. And with a kid like mine that is certainly true. I've learned a lot about how to speak his language. Not English, we all speak english around these parts, probably a little hilbilly english, but english all the same. I learned that if he loves hotwheels, if only for a month. You buy him hot wheels, you help him set up tracks, you send out his birthday list to family and friends with nothing but hotwheels on it. But, you also understand that those kinds of things can be short lived and the unopened boxes of hotwheels will just sit here cause he no longer has an interest in them. I've learned that when your boy loves to talk gas prices you have to yell out the price of EVERY SINGLE gas station you pass during a drive. I've also learned that just because he has an obsession with watching some chick on youtube named Alejandra organize her entire house, DOES NOT mean he is gonna listen to her...*See picture.

Another thing I've learned is that people sometimes still don't understand autism. They don't understand I can't discipline him in the same ways that I would any other kid. They don't understand that he doesn't like to go out that often. If he's having a meltdown in the store I still get stares and dirty looks. But what are ya gonna do? Just because people don't understand your life doesn't change anything.

Most of all I learned, I just don't care what other people think!

April is Autism awareness month. Awareness...Aren't we all aware by now?  The new statistics say that 1 in 68 have autism. With those kinds of stats don't you think we are all beyond awareness? It's time for a little Autism ACCEPTANCE up in here!

Friday, November 8, 2013

35 things I would tell young Angel...

   I was thinking today of all the things I would tell young Angel that if she knew then she might be a different better person now. I would probably tell these things to 14 yr old Angel. I say that because 14 is the year before I started dating the boy that was to be my husband. Cray cray right? I'm 31 now if that tells you anything. So here we go...(in random order of course, cause I am not an organized kinda person)

  1.     Kids are great, you should have one.
  2.  Kids are great, you should never be outnumbered though (I have 3 kids)
  3. Coffee is good, don't wait til you're 31 to try it. 
  4. When you're baby is napping you should nap, yea that crap is a myth
  5. Don't be an idiot, driving isn't that scary. (I was 25 when I got my licence cause I had the fear!)   
  6. Brain Tumors are a very real and THEY CAN happen to you or someone you know 
  7. When you find out one of the little people you love most in this world has a brain tumor you will feel like your world is crumbling around you. 
  8. Let people help you. They mean well and you shouldn't be insulted. 
  9. College will be the best time of your life and will change you. 
  10. You will regret it everyday that you didn't finish. 
  11. Autism SUCKS
  12. Autism is GREAT!
  13. When you think you're done having kids, DON'T get rid of all your baby stuff. Cause there will be more...
  14. When you think you're done having kids, you're probably not. 
  15. When you do have that last and final kid, he will change your life. He will fill a void in your heart and life that you never knew was there.
  16. Dude, 3 kids is a lot. 3 Boys is even more...stop at 3!
  17. Marriage is hard. But, so worth it. 
  18. You're gonna have one crazy kid, just get used to the idea now. 
  19. Christmas lights are gonna make you happier than you ever knew was possible you big dork. 
  20. You're best friends are probably gonna be a bunch of people you'll never get to meet, and that's OK. 
  21. Having a job is cool, but staying home taking care of your kids will be better. 
  22. You will feel so lonely being a stay at home mom. But in the end it will be worth it. 
  23. Be a better house keeper. 
  24. Boys are gross
  25. If you need a moment alone, the bathroom is a perfect hideout. (only place in the house with locks on the door!)
  26. Kids will drive you absolutely crazy. Then say something so insanely hilarious you won't even care about the crazy anymore. 
  27. Wear socks more, why don't you wear socks? Its cold in the winter!
  28. They're gonna come out with this thing called Netflix, get that. Let your kid watch as much as they want so you can get crap done. Yes its OK, who cares what other people say. 
  29. 14 year old Angel...sleep'll never get another good nights sleep again. 
  30. Avoid the car rider line at all costs...or buy a taser.   
  31. Gather a group of people who will collect bail money for you cause that^^ will send you straight to jail one day. 
  32.    Babies will WRECK your body and your mind. Do something about it. 
  33. Be funnier. Making people laugh is great. 
  34. Don't be so hard on yourself. 
  35. It's gonna get better, just you wait and see...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What is normal?

Tonight the c-man came up to me and he had decided he was done with people treating him like he was special. He just wanted to be treated like a normal kid. Pretty much words I never wanted to hear come out of his mouth. I try my best to treat him exactly like his brothers. With the exception of having to chauffeur him around to more appointments than the others. I try to make sure everyone is happy and healthy in whatever they do. 
Well, he's tired of it. What exactly is he tired of? He's tired of having to be separated from his class to take tests. (a 504 accomodation). But he doesn't test alone, he actually is separated into a small group and one of his good buddies happens to be in that group. He went on a field trip yesterday and according to him they would not stop repeating to him everything they were gonna do. (another 504 accommodation made by me)
Wanna know what he's most ticked off about that needs to stop now?
His mom (me) needs to stop being so dang nice to him all the time. I brought his dinner plate to him tonight so he didn't spill and got the good ole "HOW DARE YOU!!" Sheesh when will I ever learn right? lol

What he doesn't know is all these people who are nice to him and treat him special? They do that to make his life just a touch easier than it could be. He may not realize it now, but I'm willing to bet he's gonna be pretty thankful for that someday. 

**Attached pictures are the lovely little note C-man wrote me tonight** could be worse. That's all I'm sayin' 

FYI....these do make me sad. But they're also very real into what the world of autism is like and thats why I like to share things of this nature...:)

Out with the OLD in with the NEW...

   I decided to do away with the Ipad challenge fundraiser on the puzzling piece page. If you bought an item from there, thank you. I know that you did not only to help me but because autism probably affects you and your family too...
  So I am going to stick with the gofundme page only. I have re-written the description and will share it here for you as well... So If you can please DONATE, if not please SHARE...EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!


This is Carter. He's all kinds of awesome. He's been through more in his 9 years than more people go through in their entire lives. Why? When he was 5 we found out he had a brain tumor, he had brain surgery 24 hours later to have it removed. Then 6 months later it grew back and he had a 2nd brain surgery. He bounced back better than ever. Until shortly after his 2nd surgery he was diagnosed with Autism. Autism can be great, don't get me wrong. But, it is also one tough thing to deal with after another. 
My goal is so raise enough money to buy an iPad. He's very obsessed with electronics. They are what get him through the day. When he doesn't have something like that to occupy his mind and his hands lots of things can happen. Anxiety, aggression, OCD...just every fidgety thing you can think of. And while I hate to admit it he can get violent when he's bored and doesn't have anything to occupy him like this. 
There are many articles out there about how great iPads can be for kids with Autism. Kate Goodin from says "Most of us think of the iPad as Apple's latest, coolest gadget to add to our tech arsenals. For the parents of some autistic children, however, the iPad is a near-miracle."
Fox news has even called it a "Miracle device for kids with Autism" explains how and why ipads are so useful for autistic kids just like mine...
Why iPads?iPads offer portability and flexibly that a traditional PC or laptop cannot provide to a young child. Since it utilizes a touchscreen, the iPad is more accessible for children who have learning or coordination difficulties. Most children who use the iPad find that tapping and sliding motions are much easier than typing. iPads can also go wherever the child goes, which means they have ways to calm, focus, and learn while on-the-go.

Benefits of Using the iPad for Learning
The iPad itself has a lot of benefits, but for the autistic child the iPad offers many distinct advantages:
A direct touchscreen so no mouse or stylus is required
A digital parallel to books or papers
Not having to move their eyes from a keyboard to a screen
Apps are easily organized, predictable, and accessible
Apps help break learning down into discrete chunks and topics
A child can enjoy independent learning and leisure time

Now that you have all the info, this is where you come in. You can donate (which would be great and I will be forever grateful). Or if you can't donate you can simply share this page. That would be just as helpful to help me get the word out there. 

I thank you, and Carter thanks you. Well he would if he knew about all this...if you know a kid with autism you know why I can't tell him about this until I pretty much have the iPad in my hand to give him. But I can promise that if you help me reach this goal I will post a video of him saying thank you! No matter how hard that usually is for me to get out of him ;)

**I also want to add that if we exceed our goal I will be donating all of the extra money to an Autism awareness charity!