Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Everyone loves a clingy baby!

     Potato is a few months shy of turning 2. He has become unbelievably clingy lately. Thanks to all of C-man's many therapy appts, I have to leave him and crazypants with a sitter at least once a week. Most of the time when I go to leave he grabs my hand and I end up having to pry his fingers open, then I run out the door. Then I hear him crying all the way outside  That's probably totally normal, I'm only gone for 2-3 hours tops. He's super excited to see me when I get back. Great, Fine, Good, ya know?
   Problem is, he's like this at home too! He wants to be attached to me all day long. Every time I try to get something done I feel his tiny hand slip into mine and he holds on for dear life. Which would be totally sweet, if I didn't have stuff to do! I have 2 other children besides you small child! Summer is coming and you are no longer gonna have mommy all to yourself all day!
    I've tried many different things to break him of this and no go. He still just wants to sit next to me and hold my hand all day. Again, almost 2, is it just a phase? God I hope! Or is there something else I can try...Any suggestions?


Good thing he's so cute...

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