Friday, November 8, 2013

35 things I would tell young Angel...

   I was thinking today of all the things I would tell young Angel that if she knew then she might be a different better person now. I would probably tell these things to 14 yr old Angel. I say that because 14 is the year before I started dating the boy that was to be my husband. Cray cray right? I'm 31 now if that tells you anything. So here we go...(in random order of course, cause I am not an organized kinda person)

  1.     Kids are great, you should have one.
  2.  Kids are great, you should never be outnumbered though (I have 3 kids)
  3. Coffee is good, don't wait til you're 31 to try it. 
  4. When you're baby is napping you should nap, yea that crap is a myth
  5. Don't be an idiot, driving isn't that scary. (I was 25 when I got my licence cause I had the fear!)   
  6. Brain Tumors are a very real and THEY CAN happen to you or someone you know 
  7. When you find out one of the little people you love most in this world has a brain tumor you will feel like your world is crumbling around you. 
  8. Let people help you. They mean well and you shouldn't be insulted. 
  9. College will be the best time of your life and will change you. 
  10. You will regret it everyday that you didn't finish. 
  11. Autism SUCKS
  12. Autism is GREAT!
  13. When you think you're done having kids, DON'T get rid of all your baby stuff. Cause there will be more...
  14. When you think you're done having kids, you're probably not. 
  15. When you do have that last and final kid, he will change your life. He will fill a void in your heart and life that you never knew was there.
  16. Dude, 3 kids is a lot. 3 Boys is even more...stop at 3!
  17. Marriage is hard. But, so worth it. 
  18. You're gonna have one crazy kid, just get used to the idea now. 
  19. Christmas lights are gonna make you happier than you ever knew was possible you big dork. 
  20. You're best friends are probably gonna be a bunch of people you'll never get to meet, and that's OK. 
  21. Having a job is cool, but staying home taking care of your kids will be better. 
  22. You will feel so lonely being a stay at home mom. But in the end it will be worth it. 
  23. Be a better house keeper. 
  24. Boys are gross
  25. If you need a moment alone, the bathroom is a perfect hideout. (only place in the house with locks on the door!)
  26. Kids will drive you absolutely crazy. Then say something so insanely hilarious you won't even care about the crazy anymore. 
  27. Wear socks more, why don't you wear socks? Its cold in the winter!
  28. They're gonna come out with this thing called Netflix, get that. Let your kid watch as much as they want so you can get crap done. Yes its OK, who cares what other people say. 
  29. 14 year old Angel...sleep'll never get another good nights sleep again. 
  30. Avoid the car rider line at all costs...or buy a taser.   
  31. Gather a group of people who will collect bail money for you cause that^^ will send you straight to jail one day. 
  32.    Babies will WRECK your body and your mind. Do something about it. 
  33. Be funnier. Making people laugh is great. 
  34. Don't be so hard on yourself. 
  35. It's gonna get better, just you wait and see...