Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hi, I'm "A"...I am married to the dashingly handsome "M". We have been together for half our lives now. He asked me to be his girlfriend at the wee young age of 14 years old. 15 years later we have been married about 9 1/2 years, and have 3 crazy boys. I won't ever use their real names on here, ya know privacy and stuff. I will start with a little intro about each of them.

"C-Man" we'll call him, is 8 years old going on 30. He is a rock star in every which way. When he was 5 he was diagnosed with his first brain tumor, which quickly grew back 6 months later. So by 6 years old he already had 2 brain surgeries under his belt. When he was 6 he was diagnosed with autism. More specifically PDD-NOS/Aspergers. He is a super genius and not afraid to tell you that. He is also in the 3rd grade.

"Crazypants" is the middle child, poor thing, and is 4 years old. He is a little ball of crazy energy. I think its the red hair. I like to say he hit the terrible 2's at 6 months old and it never stopped. He is wild, reckless, destructive, love able, and sweetest kid ever. Loves his daddy to the moon and back.

Little "Potato", he's new. He is 4 1/2 months old. Hates sleeping. Loves smiling, smiling's his favorite ;)
He is a sweet little goober, but like I said he's new, so there's not much to know about him yet.

"M" My husband. Well he's just the love of my life. We met in high school and have been together since. He is truly my soul mate and partner in crime. We have been through the ringer with all of "C-Man's" surgeries and stuff. But he was my rock through all of that and I was his. He is goofy, and funny, and will do ANYTHING to make our boys laugh. When I say anything, I really mean it. He is such a hard worker, and everyone knows it. After 9 years at the same company he lost his job in Sept. It was devastating...for about 5 min. He sat here and filled out applications non-stop for 3 weeks. Even when he had interviews he didn't stop. After only 3 weeks he got a job and is so happy there now. I still think all that mess was meant to be.

Our life is crazy, and exciting. But, hard work. Three kids is super hard. Way harder than 2. So there is something new and interesting happening every day around here. If you stick around you might get to read about it :)

This picture is normal day around 6pm at my house. I was cooking dinner. M, not home from work yet. Potato in his swing, Crazypants made a huge mess, and C-man on the couch reading. And of course family feud on the TV. Its the latest obsession with C-man.