Tuesday, December 25, 2012


   Of course this morning I couldn't find my camera. So all I have are a bunch of grainy ipod pictures. Doesn't matter though, they still captured what I wanted. Smiles and happiness! Really great day, and it was declared the BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER. by both big boys.


M and Potato

HILARIOUS Crazypants

C-Man and his very specific, PLAIN GREEN SWEATER he asked for that was bought for him by some really sweet and wonderful friends!

Potato's first gift unwrapping experience.

SUPER EXCITED Crazypants, he screamed with happiness for HOURS this morning!

My favorite. C-Man never has much of a reaction to gifts, never gets excited. But boy did he give us a pretty sweet gift this morning. REAL EXCITEMENT AND HAPPINESS!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hope your day was magical!

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