Monday, October 28, 2013

What would you do? Autism and ipads part 2....

A lot of different things have been brought to my attention since I started this "ipad Challenge" a couple of weeks ago. Honestly things I didn't even consider when i started. All I knew is I had heard wonderful things about how magical an ipad could be in the hands of a child with autism, and I had to figure out how to get one since all of my c-man's electronics had bit the dust lately. When the boy doesn't have his electronics honestly, he's kind of a mess. Lost, bored, angry, aggressive...He NEEDS these kinds of things to keep his mind and his hands busy. So as his mom I knew it was my job to figure it out. 
So I sat down to do some research. I looked up places that provided grants for children with autism to buy an ipad. I looked up foundations that would just give you one if your child applied. I looked up contests, and games that you could win one. I applied for them all. ALL OF THEM. There were different reasons for each one that it didn't work out. The biggest reason was that there was too much need out there and not enough people to help fulfill the need. 
So that's why I settled on the iPad Challenge on the puzzling piece. It was something I could control. There were no rules, or deadlines. It all sounded so simple....Until 2 weeks passed and I'd only sold 4 items and had 56 more to sell. 60 items to sell is a lot! Especially when they're autism themed items. I can totally understand that if you aren't affected by autism why would you want to buy an autism themed piece of jewelry or t-shirt. I wouldn't. 
That's why I decided to start the gofundme page. I figured whatever money I could make there I would put back into buying things from the challenge so it would up my sales numbers. So if you didn't want to buy jewelry you could just donate a little cash and that would help out just the same. I have gotten many generous donations there. But also not enough. Because it was brought to my attention that 60 items sold well exceeds the actual cost of an iPad. When I set the amount to be raised on that site I set it high because 1. I didn't actually know how much an ipad cost, and 2. my goal was to turn the money into sales for the challenge. Then I thought well what if i made it to that goal before I made it to the ipad challenge goal? Why wouldn't I just buy an Ipad with that money?
Well, because the puzzling piece donates part of the proceeds to an autism awareness charity. But why can't I? If I exceed the price of an ipad on the go fund me page I could just turn around and give whats left to an autism awareness charity right?
There are also the naysayers who are probably just thinking..why should we giver her money for something like that? I don't blame you. I would too. BUT, the cost of something like that is way way way out of the realm of possibility for us right now. Why not just buy him an inexpensive tablet...Check that one off the list too. We bought him one for his birthday. Because of how rough he can be on things and the inexpensiveness of it, it broke within months. We sent it back to the company and got a new one, which also broke recently. That's why my mind when to an ipad. With the right case and the customer service and warranty's they provide, they can be indestructible. 
I lowered the goal on the gofundme page in case that was scaring people off. But I'm stuck. Things aren't moving fast enough for me. This is something I need to happen quickly. I know I know, all great things take time. But with a kid like mine waiting is not his forte. 
So, What would you do if you were in my shoes to help raise money for something like this?
Please comment, and share. I am willing to listen to any and all advice. I would do anything to make my boy happy. He's been through too much to not have a little joy in his life. So, what would you do?

If you wanna check out our gofundme page to see what that's all about and what you could do to help or change things..._------> 

Thank you in advance for any and all help and advice you can throw my way! <3<3<3

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